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We turn your Marketing and Sales Departments into one high performing Revenue Team.

Aberdeen Group research confirms our clients' experience, namely that:

"Companies that optimize the marketing/sales relationship grow revenue 32% faster year-over-year, compared to those without such a relationship."

Any disconnect leads to missed sales targets, disengaged staff, excessive waste, and high cost on the business. Marketing and Sales now need to work together more effectively than ever.

Meet Our OneTEAM Method®

Our OneTEAM Method® has achieved revenue improvements for our clients of up to 433 percent, and first results can be achieved within just a few weeks.

The OneTEAM Method® is the only structured methodology to align marketing and sales teams to focus on the customer and to lift revenue, profit, staff engagement and customer experience at all once.

“Following your Method we achieved the same revenue in two weeks, as we did in our previous six months !”
— Brent Clark, Founder and CEO at WATTBLOCK

Brent Clark, Founder and CEO of WATTBLOCK, tells how his company dramatically boosted their revenue within just six weeks !

Let us enable that Business Growth for you. 

Our Clients

Our clients typically are mid-market businesses, but we have also helped smaller and larger companies to grow quickly.

We have worked with a variety of industry sectors, such as Automotive, IT, Professional Services, Energy, Transportation, Not-For-Profit, Associations, Membership-based Organisations, and more:


We Work With

> C-level Executives wanting to quickly and sustainably lift financial results and customer experience.  

> Sales Leaders looking for higher sales performance asap. 

> Marketing Leaders wishing to deliver effective campaigns and content that positively engage the sales force and gain their respect.

> HR Leaders interested in growing a collaborative business culture that attracts and retains high performing talent and reduces staff turnover.

> IT and Technology Leaders desiring to improve the utilization and ROI of their CRM and MarTech systems. 



How We Work With You

Our CEO Peter Strohkorb explains in less than two minutes how we work with businesses like yours to boost sales performance and business results.


Contact Us.

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Don't let these Statistics happen to Your Business

Salespeople about Marketing:
- 27 percent of sales think they could do a better job in marketing than their marketing coworkers
- 55 percent of sales thinks marketing isn’t accountable for pipeline
- 65 percent of sales thinks that marketing spends most of their time on branding/events

Marketers about Salespeople:
- 16 percent of marketers say they could do a better job selling than their sales colleagues
- 22 percent of marketers said sales people are greedy
- 26 percent of marketers said sales people are a bunch of mavericks
— Inside View

More Statistics

“67% of salespeople do not achieve their sales targets.”
— TAS Group
“The greatest inhibitor to sales effectiveness is the inability to communicate a value message.”
— SiriusDecisions
“75% of Marketing-generated sales leads and marketing content are never used by salespeople.”
“65% of business decision makers said “much of it is useless’ when asked about the value of vendor content.”
— Forrester
“Only 11% of sales conversations are viewed as valuable by executives”
— Forrester
“Less than 35% of a sales rep’s time is spent selling.”
— CSO Insights
Imagine what could happen if your salespeople spent more of their precious time on selling activities:

”On average, B2B salespeople spend 17% of their time either looking for,or modifying marketing content, instead of selling. That is nearly one entire selling day lost each and every week !”
— Peter Strohkorb Consulting International
Don’t rely on technology to deliver a miracle:

”85% of CRM and other sales and marketing technology implementations fail to achieve their stated objectives, i.e. they don’t accelerate sales, nor do they generate more revenue.”
— Peter Strohkorb Consulting International
The secret lies in the alignment of sales and marketing people and their mindsets:

”Organisations with closely aligned sales and marketing functions are TWICE AS LIKELY to grow their revenue.”
— Peter Strohkorb Consulting International

* may vary depending on individual circumstances