Accelerate Sales.
Amplify Customer Centricity.

We specialise in Smarketing®, our accelerator for your sales and profit results. 

We have shown many small, medium and large companies how to grow sustainably by focusing their business teams on their customers. 

The quick win areas of your business are your Sales and Marketing teams.

Find out how your organisation will benefit from Smarketing®, too.

Smarketing® Solves Your Sales Problems

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Do these business challenges sound familiar ?

“Less than 35% of a sales rep’s time is spent selling.” (CSO Insights)
Smarketing® frees up more Sales reps’ valuable selling time because they now will be armed with the right marketing content that enables them to sell faster.

"Only 25% of sales leads and collateral that Marketing creates is ever used by Sales teams.“  (IDC)
Smarketing® helps marketing to focus on campaigns, content and support that really works for sales, and to stop spending time, effort and money on campaigns and content that is not used.

“60% of sales pipeline is stuck with no decision pending.” (Qvidian)
Smarketing® helps the sales force to speak more confidently and authoritatively and to close sales faster.

“67% of sales professionals do not achieve their personal sales quota.”  (The TAS Group)
Smarketing® improves sales lead quality and accelerates sales closing rates.

How Smarketing®-savvy is your business right now ? 

It's all in the Mindset

Smarketing® delivers more effective collaboration between your sales and marketing teams.

This results in higher productivity, higher sales lead conversion rates, more revenue and profit, better marketing effectiveness, and improved staff morale, just to name a few benefits.

A collaborative mindset is the foundation that supports all other sales productivity measures. 
So why do organisations still spend good money on sales training, CRM, and marketing automation technology, without first creating a collaborative mindset among its People ?

A collaborative mindset amplifies all other productivity measures, and it is the prerequisite foundation of any successful business today.”
— Peter Strohkorb

What Can Smarketing® Achieve For My Business ?

> Marketing really understands how to best support Sales

>  Sales reps can focus solely on selling and now hit their sales targets

>  Customers experience higher service levels and remain loyal  

>  Your collaborative environment attracts a higher caliber of talent

>  Your star sales reps’ personal selling know-how is unlocked to lift your lesser sales performers

>  The business is ready to embrace sophisticated sales andmarketing automation technology

The Business Benefits of Smarketing®

The Business Benefits of Smarketing®

How Do We Work With You ?

Create Better Sales Leads and Win More Deals: Everything falls into place when Sales helps Marketing, and when Marketing helps Sales. This 5 minute video shows how we bring the two together more effectively, boost sales revenue and enable superior customer experience (CX).

“Everybody, including the customer, wins when Sales and Marketing collaborate.”
— Peter Strohkorb

Who Are You ?

> A Business Leader looking to lift revenue, profit and customer experience  

> A Sales Leader wanting improved sales performance and higher growth 

> A Marketing Leader wishing to deliver campaigns and content that engage   the sales force  

> A Technology Leader goaled on improving the ROI of CRM and other business technology systems  

> An HR Leader interested in growing a collaborative team culture that attracts and retains higher performing talent  


So, how do you create an environment where Sales supports Marketing, and where Marketing supports Sales ?

Let's Start With A Free Talk

More effective Sales & Marketing collaboration and alignment is a strategic advantage. In one online or phone call we can help you to understand your opportunities and advise you on how you, too, can get started quickly, easily and inexpensively.

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Why Us ?

We are experts in this field and our CEO has literally written the book on this subject matter of Sales & Marketing alignment and collaboration.

The Timeline of Business Benefits

The Timeline of Business Benefits

Unless you have the structured framework, relevant experience and the right tools, all you are likely to end up with is just more unproductive tension and blame, without improved results.

Further, you really need an unencumbered, external perspective and someone credible who is agenda-free to pull it off. 

It is not usually prudent to try to do this yourself with in-house resources. The problem with that approach is that most organisations have their staff already 110% utilised and there is no room left to add yet another project onto their already overloaded agenda.

Talk to us instead.

Don't let these Statistics happen to Your Business:

“67% of salespeople do not achieve their sales targets.”
— TAS Group
“The greatest inhibitor to sales effectiveness is the inability to communicate a value message.”
— SiriusDecisions
“75% of Marketing-generated sales leads and marketing content are never used by salespeople.”
“65% of business decision makers said “much of it is useless’ when asked about the value of vendor content.”
— Forrester
“Only 11% of sales conversations are viewed as valuable by executives”
— Forrester
“Less than 35% of a sales rep’s time is spent selling.”
— CSO Insights
Imagine what could happen if your salespeople spent more time on selling:

”On average, B2B salespeople spend 17% of their time either looking for,or modifying marketing content, instead of selling. That is nearly one entire working day lost each week !”
— Peter Strohkorb Consulting International
Don’t rely on technology to deliver a miracle:

”85% of CRM and other sales and marketing technology implementations fail to achieve their stated objectives, i.e. they don’t accelerate sales, nor do they generate more revenue.”
— Peter Strohkorb Consulting International
The secret lies in the alignment of sales and marketing people and their mindsets:

”Organisations with closely aligned sales and marketing functions are TWICE AS LIKELY to grow their revenue.”
— Peter Strohkorb Consulting International