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Our Clients tell us that We...* 

> Are easy to deal with and less expensive than they thought

> Boost Sales Revenue by 5-50+% (depending on the size of the business)

> Deliver Results in just Weeks, not Months

> Return more than 10-times their Investment in us

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We Work With:

> Business Owners who wish to secure their business’ growth and lift its valuation

> Executives and CEOs who want to boost their organisation’s revenue performance and also raise their personal profile

Sales Leaders looking to sustainably exceed sales targets and earn high bonuses

Marketing Leaders who like to lift their personal profile and career prospects by having their contributions to sales revenue properly recognized and rewarded

HR & People Leaders who are interested in fostering a collaborative work culture and who want to attract and retaining high-performing talent to the organisation

Founder and CEO Peter Strohkorb

Founder and CEO Peter Strohkorb


See What We Helped Our Clients To Achieve:

>  A professional services startup exploded its sales revenue by a staggering 433% after just six weeks of working with us Click here to see what the CEO said

>  A $500 million energy re-seller turned their sales and marketing teams into one high performing revenue machine that now exceeds sales targets. Click here to see what the CEO said

>  A Cyber Security advisory firm reinvented itself with spectacular international export success and 10x-ing their revenue Click here to see what the CEO said

>  The Australian arm of a  global freight and logistics company dramatically lifted its team collaboration and its customer experience nationally within just a few days Click here to see what the CEO said

>  A national  Industry Peak Body leveraged our Voice-of-the-Members program to instantly boost member value, revenue and retention! Click here to see what the CEO said


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Don't let these Statistics Happen to You

Salespeople about Marketing:
- 27 percent of sales think they could do a better job in marketing than their marketing coworkers
- 55 percent of sales thinks marketing isn’t accountable for pipeline
- 65 percent of sales thinks that marketing spends most of their time on branding/events

Marketers about Salespeople:
- 16 percent of marketers say they could do a better job selling than their sales colleagues
- 22 percent of marketers said sales people are greedy
- 26 percent of marketers said sales people are a bunch of mavericks
— Inside View
Surprised with business results
“67% of salespeople do not achieve their sales targets.”
— TAS Group
“The greatest inhibitor to sales effectiveness is the inability to communicate a value message.”
— SiriusDecisions
“75% of Marketing-generated sales leads and marketing content are never used by salespeople.”
“65% of business decision makers said “much of it is useless’ when asked about the value of vendor content.”
— Forrester
“Only 11% of sales conversations are viewed as valuable by executives”
— Forrester
“Less than 35% of a sales rep’s time is spent selling.”
— CSO Insights
“On average, B2B salespeople spend 17% of their time either looking for, or modifying marketing content, instead of selling.
That is nearly one entire selling day lost each and every week of the year!”
— Peter Strohkorb Consulting International
“85% of CRM and other sales and marketing technology implementations fail to achieve their stated objectives, i.e. they don’t accelerate sales, nor do they generate more revenue.”
— Peter Strohkorb Consulting International
“Organisations with closely aligned sales and marketing functions are TWICE AS LIKELY to grow their revenue.”
— Peter Strohkorb Consulting International

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