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Peter Strohkorb For Your Event

Secure Peter Strohkorb for your Sales Kick-Off, Conference, Workshop, Corporate Function or Business Event.

From intimate executive round table events to large corporate conferences, Peter is the right choice for your audience.

Let's talk.

Peter Strohkorb's Live Events


Permission-Based Selling" Masterclass

Invest in Yourself and Learn how to Sell More, Faster: Actionable Sales Acceleration Tips you can use right away,. 2nd May 2018, Sydney, Australia.


Invitation-only BBG Innovation Forum (monthly)  

PS-IMG_3368-BBG (2).JPG

Peter Strohkorb leads a monthly senior-level, intimate, invitation-only breakfast event series in Sydney, Australia, focused on innovation in business. The event series is sponsored by BBG.
Please contact us if you are a senior executive or innovation leader and would like to be invited.


Webinars and Webcasts

These are Peter Strohkorb's expert webcasts and webinars. Book now into upcoming live webcasts, or watch the recordings.