What Can Smarketing® Do For My Business?

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Best Sales & Marketing Assessment Tool

Your ROI Potential 

1-Minute Smarketing® ROI Check

Plug in your own numbers below and uncover your true revenue and profit potential. Also, find out the potential negative sales impact if you were to wait and do nothing.

Simply overwrite the orange fields below with your own financials. Then click on 'Calculate' to see your growth potential:
Our annual Sales Revenue
Number of Inside and Outside Sales Reps
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What if we improve Smarketing® by:
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Your Smarketing® Check-Up 

2-Minute Test

 The Smarketing® Maturity Spectrum

The Smarketing® Maturity Spectrum

Do this test to discover just how Smarketing®- enabled your business is today. Find out your personal Smarketing® score, whether your teams have a silo, a process, or a collaboration mindset, and where your gaps are to reaching your full revenue potential.

Please note:
For the purpose of this test "Sales" includes all inside, outside and reseller/channel people, and "Marketing" includes product management, PR and corporate communications teams.

Answer the questions below by selecting 'YES' or 'NO':

Marketing consults with Sales in the creation and management of Sales lead generation campaigns

Yes No


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