Strengthen Your Revenue Team


 What is Smarketing®?

Smarketing® is about amplifying your sales results by aligning your sales, marketing and customer experience efforts with the way your high value customers want to buy, thus helping your customers to buy from you,


“Your Sales and Marketing jointly focusing on your customer experience is the single biggest contributor to improved sales results.” 
— Peter Strohkorb

Business Leaders Like You Work With Us On...

> Boosting Sales Revenue and Profit Results

> Improving Customer Centricity and Loyalty

> Lifting Customer Experience and Staff Engagement

We have worked with clients like you across many market sectors. Our solutions will work for you, too..

Strengthen Your Revenue Teams For Sustained Growth





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How Does Your Business Compare?

You need 10 action points in place. Do you have all these competencies in place to strengthen Your revenue Team?

The Solution 

There is a proven solution: It's called The OneTEAM Method®

It is a multi-step methodology to align very quickly and sustainably your most customer-facing teams,

“I think you’ve produced an eminently practical approach with the OneTEAM Method.
It’s simple without being simplistic and it tackles head-on a problem that most people try to resolve with the usual “communicate better” platitudes. Congratulations.”
— Neil Rackham, Legendary Founder of SPIN® Selling

Large Corporations

“Peter’s concept is SMARKETING which we applied to an $80 mil business deal that we won and I attribute a lot to Peter.”
— Prosun Ghosh, Business Head at Multinational IT Company Cognizant

Mid-Sized Companies

“I recommend sales, marketing or CX leaders driving customer-centricity in their organization to work with Peter so they can take things to the next level!”
— Iris Chan, CMO at Multinational IT Company FusionGrove

Small Businesses

“We are absolutely inundated with leads and assignments.”
— Claire Clayton, Managing Director at BlueSeed Consulting

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