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“67% of salespeople do not achieve their personal sales targets.”
— TAS Group
“75% of Marketing-generated sales leads and marketing content are never used by salespeople.”
“The greatest inhibitor to sales effectiveness is the seller’s inability to communicate a VALUE message.”
— SiriusDecisions

Sales Pipeline Acceleration That Is Quick and Sustainable

“I contacted Peter initially to discuss my perception that my Sales and Marketing teams were not collaborating as well as they could.
Peter challenged that the issues were not isolated to these two functions. In consultation, Peter proposed a course of action to re-unite and realign my executive leadership team towards a common goal: our customers.

Within a very short period of time my team not only agreed to collaborate more effectively, but they also agreed on how they would do so and put in place measures to make the collaboration part of our culture.
The results of Peter’s good work has assisted our organization to face its goals with confidence and as one team.”
— David Duncan, Managing Director, SICK
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More Sales? Talk To Us About Smarketing® and our OneTEAM Method®

The quantified benefits are 18 percent shorter sales cycles and a 26 percent higher win rate.

Our OneTEAM Method® has achieved revenue acceleration for our clients of up to 433 percent.

First results can be achieved within just a few weeks.

The key to growth lies in aligning your customer-facing teams psychologically and functionally, and in maximizing every facet of sales and marketing productivity all along your customers' buying journey.

You now need to stop viewing marketing and sales as two separate functions. That was last-century's thinking. You need to deploy today's mindset, today's thinking and today's actions.

You need Smarketing®.





“Your Sales and Marketing jointly focusing on your customer experience is the single biggest contributor to improved sales results.” 
— Peter Strohkorb

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We Work with Boards, CEOs and Business Leaders to Accelerate Your: 

> Marketing and sales performance

> Sales revenue and profit attainment results

> Customer experience and staff engagement

Our OneTEAM Method® has worked with clients across many market sectors, it will work for you, too.

Click here to see our client testimonials .

“Only 11% of sales conversations are viewed as valuable by executives”
— Forrester

"It's like Marriage Counselling for Sales and Marketing Teams"

The OneTEAM Method® works with your existing CRM and sales technology. It is a structured methodology to align marketing and sales teams to focus on your customers, to lift revenue, profit and staff engagement, and to deliver a superior customer experience at all once.

Our clients typically experience visible results within just 6 weeks, and we typically return 10 x ROI, or more.  

“Organisations with closely aligned sales and marketing functions are TWICE AS LIKELY to grow their revenue.”
— Peter Strohkorb Consulting International

We Work with Boards, CEOs and Business Leaders to boost Your: 

> Marketing and Sales performance

> Sales revenue and profit results

> Customer experience and staff engagement

Our OneTEAM Method® has worked with our clients across several market sectors, it will work for you, too.

Here are our client testimonials to prove it.

“Less than 35% of a sales rep’s time is spent selling.”
— CSO Insights

More Client Success Stories

A $500M Energy Corporation 
achieved their best sales month EVER, after just a few months working with us.

> A Professional Services Startup
exploded its sales revenue by a staggering 433 percent after just six weeks!

> A Global Freight Company dramatically lifted inter-branch collaboration and customer experience within just a few weeks.


“65% of business decision makers said “much of it is useless’ when asked about the value of vendor content.”
— Forrester
TSW 2017-Finalist-AssessTool (2).jpg

Sales Industry Legend Neil Rackham said this:

“I think you’ve produced an eminently practical approach with the OneTEAM Method.
It’s simple without being simplistic and it tackles head-on a problem that most people try to resolve with the usual “communicate better” platitudes. Congratulations.”
— Neil Rackham, Legendary Founder of SPIN® Selling

We are Smarketers.

This is our Credo:

- We are bold

- We embrace change

- We collaborate across business silos

- We embrace technology AND people

- We are customer-obsessed

- We are accountable

- We deliver results

- We kick butt

- We are unstoppable



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Don't let this happen to Your Business

“Marketing is just useless.”
- 27 percent of salespeople think they could do a better job in marketing than their marketing co-workers
- 55 percent of salespeople think marketing isn’t accountable for pipeline
- 65 percent of salespeople think that marketing spends most of their time on brand and events
— What Salespeople say about Marketing, source: Inside View
“Salespeople are just lazy.”
- 16 percent of marketers say they could do a better job selling than their sales colleagues
- 22 percent of marketers said salespeople are greedy
- 26 percent of marketers said salespeople are a bunch of mavericks
— What Marketers say about Salespeople, source: Inside View
Two angry co workers arguing in an office
Imagine what could happen if your salespeople spent more of their precious time on selling activities:

”On average, B2B salespeople spend 17 percent of their time either looking for,or modifying marketing content, instead of selling. That is nearly one entire selling day lost every week !”
— Peter Strohkorb Consulting International
Don’t rely on technology to deliver a miracle:

”85% of CRM and other sales and marketing technology implementations fail to achieve their stated objectives, i.e. they don’t accelerate sales, nor do they generate more revenue.”
— Peter Strohkorb Consulting International

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Contact us for an obligation-free conversation.   Australia: +61 2 8072 0670   USA: +1 214-237-2903