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People - Processes - Technology

People - Processes - Technology

At Peter Strohkorb Consulting International we believe in the 'Productivity Trinity' of People - Processes - Technology, deployed in that specific order. 

So, we like to address the People domain first and foremost but we also acknowledge that technology plays an important part in supporting our work and your success. 

Below you will find two of the apps that we like to use to support our clients. We'll be happy to demo them and to let you try them out free of charge.

Talk to us about your requirements.


Our collaboration app CollaboRate

Our collaboration app CollaboRate

Our Team Collaboration App

> Make sales content easily available to the entire sales force, inside and outside

> Empower all sales reps to rate the content so that Marketing can make better informed decisions on what works best

> Establish a 360 degree collaboration loop between Sales and Marketing teams so that they fully support each other

> Capture the valuable sales know-how of your top performing sales reps and leverages it to lift the sales performance of the others

> Offer deep insight  through a central management dashboard

Price:  POA

The video below shows how Collaborate integrates with CRM systems such as 


The video below shows an example of how CollaboRate can be used in a real-world selling scenario.




Our Meeting Productivity App

MeetingQuality lifts the quality of your business meetings by boosting the contributions of each participant. 

It is suitable for Business, Project and Board meetings.

Gain 360 degree anonymous feedback on the quality of your business meetings. Simply add MeetingQuality to your meeting invite. Then let it collate and report anonymous feedback to each participant on how the other meeting participants rate their contributions. This heightened awareness motivates quality.


Price:  just $10 per user/month

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