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Solutions & Pricing  

Our collaboration and productivity solutions can be delivered online to anywhere in the world to boost your sales results, marketing effectiveness and customer experience.

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Sales & Marketing Alignment Workshop

Could your sales results flourish, if only Sales and Marketing people worked better together ?
In this 1-Day Masterclass, Sales, Marketing and other customer-facing teams will learn:

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> WHY is closer collaboration is the key to our success?

> HOW could closer collaboration benefits our business, its people and its customers?

> HOW we can communicate better and work together more effectively?

> WHAT will closer collaboration look like for us?

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Australia Office:  P: +61 2 8072 0670    USA Office:  P: +1 214-237-2903

E:     Twitter: @pstrohkorb

Sales / Marketing Advisory

Could your business benefit from independent expert advice and guidance ?

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Whether you need more high-quality leads, a more robust sales process, or better brand recognition, w have the experience, know-how and the contacts to support you and your business. We offer project, contract, personal and group-based engagements. 

Our fee of will be more than offset by the benefits that you reap when you implement our recommendations.  


> Your Personality Profile Assessment
> Monthly 1-on-1 Sessions
> Optional Team/Group Sessions  


From $497* per month, call for a quote


Sales / Marketing Training & Coaching 

How are our peoples' sales, marketing and social media skills? How well are they working together ?
What room is there for improvement ?

We guide your people to work together more effectively in order to lift your brand, enhance your customer experience and to boost your sales results.


> Capability Assessment
> Group Workshop
> Optional Ongoing Coaching


Contact Us

Australia Office:  P: +61 2 8072 0670    USA Office:  P: +1 214-237-2903

E:     Twitter: @pstrohkorb

Innovation Kickstarter Program

What hidden ideas are waiting to be uncovered in your organisation ?
What difference could they make ?

Innovation is not always disruptive.
Often, it can be a combination of small changes that bring about the biggest business breakthroughs. Our Organisational Innovation Program uncovers the hidden talents, ideas and insights that can take your business to the next level.

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> Innovation Questionnaire
> Private Interviews with individual Respondents
> A Report on the Findings
> An Executive Briefing Session
> A Team Strategy and Planning Workshop
> An Actionable Plan for your Business


Call for a quotation


The "Voice Of Our Customers" Program

What do your customers, clients or members REALLY think of your business ?
What do they like, or dislike, and what do they wish you would do for them that your competitors already do ?

Let us uncover their true sentiments, ideas and challenges when they are dealing with your organization. Our neutral "Switzerland" approach ensures anonymity and full and frank responses from your customers to really put you into the picture and implement improvements that your customers are looking for. 
Includes your Executive Review of the findings.


> Private Customer Interviews
> Customer Sentiment Assessment
> Group Workshop
> Solution Design and Implementation
> Optional Ongoing Coaching


Call for a quotation 

Organisational Customer-Centricity Assessment

Do you know how ready the various parts of your business are to be customer-centric ? 
Where are you already strong and what are the areas for further development ?

We give you up to eight quality metrics to quantify your organisation's and your people's readiness to deliver a superior customer experience.

The eight inward and outward-looking metrics of our Customer-Centricity Readiness tool

The eight inward and outward-looking metrics of our Customer-Centricity Readiness tool


> Customer Centricity Readiness Assessment
> Executive Report
> Review and Q&A Session  


From $247*per person, or call for a quotation


Sales & Marketing Collaboration and Alignment Program 

The OneTEAM Method®

Align your Sales and Marketing Teams for higher performance and results.

Your Smarketing® Success in just five easy steps !

The OneTEAM Method® is our premium service offering.

In just five easy steps your marketing and sales teams can be boosting your sales revenue, profits, staff engagement and customer loyalty.

We have the customer testimonials to prove it.

The OneTEAM Method rolls out in five discreet Steps to lift sales revenue, customer experience and staff engagement

The OneTEAM Method rolls out in five discreet Steps to lift sales revenue, customer experience and staff engagement


> 5-Step Program, customised to your Requirements
> Assessment - Solution Design - Implementation
> Optional Ongoing Coaching


From $97* per person, or call for a quotation 

Let's Talk

Contact US  for a free conversation or leave your details and we'll contact you. 

We can customise our programs to suit your specific needs. Talk to us about your requirements.

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MeetingQuality® App

Our Meeting Productivity App

MeetingQuality lifts the quality of your business meetings by boosting the contributions of each participant. 

It is suitable for Business, Project and Board meetings.

Gain 360 degree anonymous feedback on the quality of your business meetings. Simply add MeetingQuality to your meeting invite. Then let it collate and report anonymous feedback to each participant on how the other meeting participants rated their contributions. This heightened awareness inspires higher meeting quality.


From $10* per user per month, or call for a quotation

CollaboRate® App

Our Collaboration App

> Make sales content easily available to the entire sales force, inside and outside

> Empower all sales reps to rate the content so that Marketing can make better informed decisions on what works best

> Establish a 360 degree collaboration loop between Sales and Marketing teams so that they fully support each other

> Capture the valuable sales know-how of your top performing sales reps and leverages it to lift the sales performance of the others

> Offer deep insight  through a management dashboard

Investment:  From just $27* per user per month, or call for a quotation

* +tax, if applicable