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Here are testimonials by past and current clients about the benefits that we have delivered to them. Make sure you view the (short) videos as these executives relate in their own words the impact we have made for them.

“The results of Peter’s good work has assisted our organization to face its goals with confidence and as one team.

I contacted Peter initially to discuss my perception that my Sales and Marketing teams were not collaborating as well as they could. Peter challenged that the issues were not isolated to these two functions.
In consultation, Peter proposed a course of action to re-unite and realign my executive leadership team towards a common goal: our customers.

Within a very short period of time my team not only agreed to collaborate more effectively, but they also agreed on how they would do so and put in place measures to make the collaboration part of our culture.”
— David Duncan, Managing Director at German multinational company subsidiary SICK Australia
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“Did you receive value for the money you spent?”: “Absolutely!”
— Amy Childs, General Manager Sales & Marketing at Momentum Energy

The Company

Momentum Energy is an electricity and gas utility operating in a crowded market.

The Challenge

Amy Childs, Momentum's Head of Sales & Marketing found that previous successes had relied on the heroic effort of certain individuals, rather than maximising the available team resources. Further, the marketing and sales teams were operating in separate silos with very limited communication between the two teams.

The Result

Our OneTEAM Method® improved cross-disciplinary collaboration, leading to record-high revenue, closer employee engagement, improved brand differentiation and superior customer experience.

Fracht Australia logo
“Our collaboration went up immediately!”
— Peter Gasnier, Director at Fracht Australia

The Company

Fracht Australia is a key subsidiary of the global Fracht Group of companies, 

The Challenge

Fracht had acquired a string of local freight companies. The Fracht board was eager that the integration of the new businesses be accomplished as quickly as possible in order to leverage the projected productivity synergies. Fracht chose to retain Peter Strohkorb Consulting International to accelerate their inter-branch collaboration and to improve customer experience nationally.

The Result

Our intervention only took six weeks in total. Inter-team collaboration improved after just two weeks and customer satisfaction reached an all-time high following our work with the Fracht leadership and middle management teams.

There is real value in having a greater sense of certainty about member perceptions and, especially, our assumptions.
— Niels Marquardt, CEO, AmCham

The Company

AmCham is the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia, it is the peak representative body for all businesses wanting to do trade between the USA and Australia.  

The Challenge

After a period of inactivity of several years the leadership team and the AmCham board wanted to better understand the true sentiments of its members, particularly pertaining to member value and satisfaction.

Our "Voice of the Customer" (VoC) program unearthed the true picture and opened up opportunities for member value improvements. 

The Result

AmCham members feel that they matter and are listened to, which has grown higher value for members and for AmCham.

“Feedback between Sales and Marketing is extremely important.”
— Erin Mikan, APJ Marketing Manager - Global Systems Integrators at Dell

Erin Mikan, APJ Marketing Manager - Global Systems Integrators at Dell gives her views on the OneTEAM Method.

Transportation Services Inc, USA

This approach has helped my teams to work together more effectively, bottom line: It has increased our bottom line.
— John White, VP Sales at Transportation Services Inc, USA

The Company

Transportation Services Inc is a specialist freight company in the mid west USA.

The Challenge

Operating in a specialist field John wanted his company to stand out in a crowded market but he needed his teams to embrace the new marketing strategy to grow the business.

The Result

Enhanced customer centricity, leading to improved retention rates, more revenue and higher profits.

Here, John offers his sentiments on the impact of Smarketing®  and our OneTEAM Method on his teams.

Christine CrandellPresident, New Business Strategies, USA

“Peter Strohkorb's OneTEAM Method makes a lot of sense to me as it improves the fundamental relationship between Sales and Marketing PEOPLE so that they can work together as one team to lift sales results. 
Only after these teams function as one can other initiatives such as sales training, power messaging and automation technology become effective.” 


Kit Andrews is a Business and Market Intelligence Analyst at RMIT University. 

"Sales and Marketing automation  technology is critical in conjunction with a solid Sales and Marketing strategy." 

“Following your Method we achieved the same revenue in two weeks, as we did in our previous six months !”
— Brent Clark, CEO at Wattblock

The Company

Wattblock is an energy efficiency advisory firm with offices across two major capital cities. 

The Challenge

Wattblock's marketing and sales teams were not collaborating effectively across its two main locations. Sales performance was suffering and communication with its customers was inconsistent. Further, Wattblock's financiers were anxious to see the growth that they had expected.

The Result

"After just 6 weeks of implementing our sales and marketing alignment method, Wattblock...
> accelerated sales revenue to be the same in just 2 weeks as in the previous 6 months!
> closed their largest deal ever
> improved sales margins
> signed up their largest customer yet
> opened up a large up-sell opportunity
> tripled the size of their marketing database  

“it was great ! We got some really good, positive feedback from our members who appreciated that they’ve been listened to.”
— Arno Brok, CEO of AISA

The Company

AISA is the Australian Information Security Association, the membership-based peak representative body of the data security industry in Australia.

The Challenge

Following a strategic review of its operations and strategy AISA wanted to better understand the true sentiments of its 3,500 members and unearth their ideas and wishes for the future. Peter Strohkorb consulting extracted this information through its Voice of the Customer (VoC) program and  Executive Coaching to help the executive team to formulate their 2016 / 2017 strategic plan.

The Result

The members feel that they are valued and are listened to, leading to closer engagement, membership retention and new member acquisitions.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards logo

The Duke of Edinburgh International Awards

Peter Strohkorb’s OneTEAM Method is a no-brainer!
— Anoushka Gungadin, CEO, International Duke of Edinburgh Awards Program

The Company

The International Duke Of Edinburgh Awards delivers a not-for-profit program for senior high school students internationally to provide valuable community services and to acquire new skills and experiences to be successful in life. 

The Challenge

Anoushka Gungadin, CEO, International Duke of Edinburgh Awards program retained Peter Strohkorb Consulting International when she came on board as the new CEO and wanted to quickly improve staff engagement and customer experience for her program.

The Result

Employing the OneTEAM Method Anoushka was able to better understand the requirements of its customers and better cater to their needs, leading to revenue growth, improved retention rates and more meaningful engagement.

Here she answers questions about her experiences with Peter Strohkorb's OneTEAM Method.

Sensory Solutions logo
I recommend Peter Strohkorb as a good investment to keep any business moving forward.
— Mark Ellis, General Manager, Sensory Solutions

The Company

Sensory Solutions is a specialist professional services firm that services the FMCG retail space.

The Challenge

Its General Manager Mark Ellis retained Peter Strohkorb Consulting International to help the business' customer-facing functions to become more effective and to improve the customer experience.

The Result

Better customer focus, leading to more business.

Here is what Mark said about us:

"These days the challenges are getting harder. Any business that does not evolve with the changing economic climate can go backwards as they become a victim of a cut and paste mentality. 

At Sensory Solutions we realized the need to challenge our thinking and culture in the desire to evolve and to make sure that we offer our clients relevance for their needs. We engaged Peter Strohkorb Consulting International to challenge our processes and thoughts in how we engage our customers to make sure we communicate our benefits and meet their needs. 

Like most companies we had became too close to our business and to a certain point internally focused. Peter assisted in re aligning our thoughts and helped move us out of the “comfort zone” to help focus on the customer benefits, as opposed to the product features. 

"Peter assisted in realigning our thoughts and helped move us out of the “comfort zone” to help focus on the customer benefits as opposed to the product features.”


Scott Mason, Vice President of Marketing at Australia's second-largest telecommunications group.

"We need a formal way of collaborating between Sales and Marketing, not just saying that we are working together."


Michael Shepherd is Director, Sales & Marketing at Thales Australia

"Regular meaningful interactions between Sales and Marketing are absolutely critical"


Project STARFISH America

Getting to know and learn from Peter Strohkorb was a great experience!
— Alena Roberts, Project STARFISH America

"All of the Project Starfish USA members are blind or visually impaired. Project Starfish is an international organization that provides services such as social media, customer service, and business research to businesses.  
As someone who does business research, getting to know and learn from Peter Strohkorb was a great experience. I also believe that his goal to bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing is critical for businesses to be successful. His answers really spoke to me and my belief that building relationships is how you earn business and how you make connections to help businesses grow. Peter is very easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and has great ideas."

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Michael Cannon, CEO  of theSilver Bullet Group, the Sales Enablement consulting firm.


"The best advice I can give is to stop measuring Marketing on quantity and to  start measuring them on quality."

Michael DoranCEO at Business Psychs is an internationally recognized expert in Human Resources and in Organisational Development.

"I am surprised how there is a very low level of investment  made in the enablement of collaboration between Sales and Marketing functions."

Mark IlesHead of Brands at Nextgen Distribution


"You've got to take a fresh approach... you've got to get that tight integration between Sales and Marketing."


Toby MarshallCEO at LeadCreation, a specialist social media engagement firm based in Sydney, Australia.


"If you have business silos, you will have a disaster."