Why the OneTEAM Method®?

The OneTEAM Method is available globally. It is a holistic productivity framework that drives collaboration and connection between your Sales representatives and Marketing staff for:

  • improved sales conversion rates and business growth

  • increased employee engagement

  • enduring connection to new and existing customers

Collaboration. Growth. Success.

How does the OneTEAM Method® work?

The OneTEAM Method empowers the people. It drives engagement and feedback. And it is a holistic framework that brings value to all team members by encouraging ubiquitous, constructive and directional feedback.

  1. Empowers your entire sales team to provide feedback on Marketing's content and campaigns

  2. Enables your Marketing team to better support Sales

  3. Builds a virtuous Cycle of Collaboration that sustainably boosts Sales Performance

" When people are frustrated develop solutions WITH them, not FOR them." 

Dan Rockwell
Leadership & Management Expert 

The OneTEAM Method™

The OneTEAM Method™

The OneTEAM Method®: Begin today

  • Complimentary Situational Self-Assessment
  • This free self-assessment helps you to better understand your sales and marketing collaboration process gaps and bottlenecks, and what is working or not working in your business.

  • Return On Investment Calculator
  • This ROI calculator estimates the financial impact of the OneTEAM Method on your organization.

  • Want more information? Book a Free Consult today.

What is included in the OneTEAM Method® ?

•A baseline analysis of your current Sales and Marketing teams’ alignment and collaboration

•A review of your current Sales and Marketing collaboration processes and metrics

•An evaluation of your Sales and Marketing collaboration challenges, bottlenecks and opportunities

•An assessment of how your teams’ sales and marketing efforts are being perceived by your customers along multiple stages in the Buyers Journey

•An estimate of the financial return on your investment in the SMPB program

•Dedicated tools and a tailored program to enable, set up and implement sustainable collaboration across multiple sales and marketing collaboration areas 

The OneTEAM Method® is a proven framework


The OneTEAM empowers your organization by prioritizing people first, processes second, and technologies third.

You have access to  proven mechanisms, structures, and processes that foster open communication, mutual understanding, agreed accountabilities and common objectives within and between your Sales and Marketing teams.


"An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success." 

Stephen Covey
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®

What makes the OneTEAM Method® unique?

Many companies today are investing in the most powerful technology 'solutions' and still coming up short.  

Why? Because if your people don't, won't, or can't buy into an expensive marketing automation platform or a pricey CRM solution, you may find yourself right back where you started. 
The OneTEAM Method is unique in that it gets straight to the root of the problem. Starting with people, the method helps you build a holistic sales and marketing framework and focuses on creating a tightly knitted, collaborative, and high-functioning team. 

People first.
Processes second. 
Technology third.

"You can have the most sophisticated business processes and the latest technology, but if you don't brig your people along on the journey then it will all come to nothing." 

Peter Strohkorb
Peter Strohkorb Consulting International

What are your OneTEAM Method® steps?

  1. FREE Executive Workshop (up to $4,700 in value)

    The executive workshop is an interactive opportunity for company representatives to gain a high-level overview of their current situation, to review and understand the challenges and opportunities, and to understand the expected outcomes.

  2. 360° Opportunity Assessment (Sales, Marketing, Customers)

    This step is a complete collaboration review. We engage with your Sales and Marketing representatives and also with a sample set of your customers and prospects to help you gain a well-rounded and fully informed understanding of the situation and your opportunities.

  3. OneTEAM Method Training, Implementation and Maintenance

    The third step is the part of the process in which we bring together the people, find alignment and optimize the processes, introduce our specialist technology application to really boost and maintain productivity and sales results.


Using our online tools, you can assess the Sales+Marketing Collaboration effectiveness of your current situation. 

Collaboration. Growth. Success.