Peter Strohkorb's Internationally Acclaimed Book

Neil Rackham on Peter Strohkorb’s Book

Here is what Neil Rackham, the legendary founding father of modern sales methodologies and inventor of SPIN Selling said about “The OneTEAM Method::

“I think you’ve produced an eminently practical approach with the OneTEAM Method. It’s simple without being simplistic and it tackles head-on a problem that most people try to resolve with the usual “communicate better” platitudes. Congratulations.”
— Neil Rackham

What Other Experts Say About The Book

“Peter’s OneTEAM Method should be at the top of every CEO’s To Do list.”
Chuck Carey, CEO, Compendian Inc, USA

"I recommend this book to any CEO or senior executive who wishes to maximize the combined power of their Sales and Marketing functions."  
Dr David Cooke, Managing Director at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia:

"If you are in sales or marketing management - then Peter Strohkorb's OneTEAM Method is a must-read. He is a true thought leader in his field and if you get a chance to work with him - don't miss it."
Craig Rispin, International Business Futurist

“Peter Strohkorb's OneTEAM Method makes a lot of sense to me to lift sales results.”  
Christine Crandell, President at New Business Strategies and Winner of the 50 Most Influential in Sales Lead Management, 2014, USA

“Peter’s insights and approach deliver at every level.”
Tony Hughes, international best-selling author and sales leadership coach

“A must-read for corporate decision makers, Peter's OneTEAM Method should be top of mind as a great way to maximize outputs.” 
Rob Malkin, Sales Director, APAC, Autodesk Inc, Asia-Pacific

“You must align the messages in your marketing content and sales conversations to successfully attract today’s digitally-enabled buyer. Read this book! "
Michael Cannon, CEO, The Silver Bullet Group Inc, USA